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Hello and welcome to myEurobill.com!

myEurobill is a web application dedicated to tracking your eurobills in their journey across Europe.

myEurobill also allows you to see, with the help of satellite maps, where the notes have already been and where they will go.

Have you ever wondered about the stories the notes in your wallet would have to tell?

myEurobill is simple to use: enter the serial number of your notes into our database. If the serial is not present, you can insert it (even without registering). When another of our users enters one of these notes again, we know how far and how fast it traveled and see where it has been!

Join our community and start tracking your notes!

Top 5
nickname bills value
yabiz 345 €4.060
fastfreddie 132 €3.170
fugitive 128 €3.350
Anstba 85 €1.630
odiotutti 68 €1.460
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Last registered bill:
Bill serial number: L1104####934
Bill Value: €5

2013-08-31 12:39 anonymous
Avenue du Maelbeek 9, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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